Natasha & Winter

31 oktober, 2015 § Lämna en kommentar

It was not a choice. It was being a mother. To sell the house and the car in order to have some money to start the new life i Sweden, and be able to live, work and pay taxes while doing what Natasha as a mother had to do: Bring her kid to Sahlgrenska Hospital. To move to the other side of the globe was not a choice. It was being a mother. Otherwise she would not have been a mother anymore. Winter is now for the first time in her life healthy. In six months they will know if that´s stable, or not.

While the kid was at her worst she could´t wear any clothes during her treatments. Her mothers hair was the only thing that covered her body. Therefor that long, thick, healthy hair visualize the core between the two, giving a feeling of safety for the kid. That´s easy to tell by looking at her playing with it.

The pictures where taken to celebrate Natashas´s 30 year birthday – and for the magazine Exclusivo / Aruba.

Natasha Natasha-2



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